Should I Ditch My Blog?

Recently I’ve been thinking a lot about this blog. Thinking about it, but not doing much about it.

should I ditch my blog?

In all honesty I’d been thinking about giving it up. I was never finding the time to write here, and I was beginning to wonder if it was actually being of any use to me.

Yes, I could use it to showcase my writing and yes it could help keep me up in the search rankings by getting fresh content on my website on a regular basis, but neither of these things was going to happen if I never wrote a post.

I had almost decided to kill it off, but then I read a few posts on other blogs which made me think twice about finally ending it.

This post about whether freelance writers need a blog appeared on the Freelance Switch website and was written by Carol Tice, a great freelance writer who blogs at Make a Living Writing.  In this article, she discusses whether freelance writers really need to blog in order to get clients and whether a bad blog can be more of a hindrance than no blog at all.

The article struck a chord because in reality my blog was one of those she was talking about. It isn’t so much that I don’t enjoy my blog, but I haven’t been giving it priority among all my other tasks. As a result, my blog was languishing without being updated so instead of making my website look good it made it look a bit sad. According to Carol’s article, my blog was failing as a marketing tool. And she would be write. As it stands my blog isn’t showcasing my writing, or getting me seen in search engines or showing my skills and expertise as a freelancer. It is a bit pointless.

Just before I read Carol’s article I read one on Copyblogger about New Year’s Resolutions and reviewing your goals after the first quarter of the year. One of my resolutions this year was to make time for my own writing as well as writing for paid clients. So far, I hadn’t done very well at keeping my resolution, but this post inspired me to review things and think more about whether I really wanted.

In between reading those and writing this, I came to the conclusion that I did want to keep this blog alive. Done right, I think it could help my freelance business, and I love blogging as a way of writing for myself rather than for clients all the time.

So, with the help of a great offer over at Blogelina which has enabled me to switch to a self-hosted website and access some great blogging advice, and with the I’m attempting to give this thing a kick start. I’m planning my reading list to get some inspiration. I’m setting aside to play with my new blog theme and more than anything else I’m putting together an editorial calendar in a bid to post here more regularly.

Second quarter resolutions might not be as common as New Year’s ones, but I guess it will have to do. And now, I am going to push publish, and release the first of what I hope will be many more regular updates.

Have you ever thought about ditching your blog? What do you do to keep your enthusiasm going?

  • This is a great post and certainly something for people to think about who are in the same predicament. The love of writing shoudn't be restricted to the jobs that you are getting paid for. I think that the more interaction and reaction you get on your site, the more motivated you will be to write about what truly matters to you.

    Good luck with it. I am glad I discovered your blog via Carol's Link Party 🙂


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    • Arwen

      Hi Victoria, Thanks for stopping by. I'm glad I have decided to keep going with it – now to stick to my resolution and build it up a bit. And you are right, seeing interaction and getting comments from people definitely helps with motivation.